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Beautiful Foundations
Ingredients: Mica, Titanium Dioxide, Iron Oxides. May also contain: Zinc Oxide, Ultramarine Blue.

A more pink shade for light-medium skin tones.
*Code # : 161008

A pink-undertone shade created for the
very lightest of complexions.
*Code # : 161000

A neutral shade for light complexions.
*Code # : 161001

A classic neutral shade
for medium-light complexions.
*Code # : 161002

Perfect for most Caucasians who maintain a tan,
this foundation has a warm bronze base
with complementing red tones.
*Code # : 161009

A medium-dark tone for Latin, Indian,
African-American, Filipino, and Southeast
Asian women that have some pink tones in their skin.
*Code # : 161004

A medium-dark caramel toned foundation,
excellent for Indian, Malaysian, Latina, and Thai women.
*Code # : 161005

A foundation with deep caramel and red tones,
this shade falls in the middle of the darker skin tone range.
*Code # : 161011

A classic latté tone that primarily accentuates red
undertones in African-American skin.
*Code # : 161006

A classic espresso for the
darkest complexions.
*Code # : 161007

For darker skin tones that have more
blue and red undertones.This is our second
darkest shade available.
*Code # : 161010

A rich, classic, brown shade. Women
with very dark complexions appreciate its
balanced undertones.
*Code # : 161012

Vibrant ™
A warm chocolate created specifically
for african-american skin tones.
*Code # : 161020

Sample Tower™
Need help determining your foundation shade?
For darker skin tones,
order the Sample Tower™ Medium to Dark
*Code # : 163050MD

Sample Tower™
Need help determining your foundation shade?
For lighter skin tones,
order the Sample Tower™ Light to Medium
*Code # : 163050LM

Our Most Popular Custom Blends

Stunning ™
A pink version of Charming™
*Code # : 161016

Enticing ™
A pink version of Sophisticated™
*Code # : 161014

Alluring ™
A pink version of Sensual™
*Code # : 161015

Radiant ™
A blend of Beautiful™ / Glamorous™
*Code # : 161018

Outrageous ™
A blend of Vivacious™ / Exquisite™
*Code # : 161019

Tantalizing ™
A blend of Captivating™ / Exquisite™
*Code # : 161017

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