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Rosy Cheeks

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Ingredients: Mica, Titanium Dioxide, Iron Oxides. May also contain: Zinc Oxide, Ultramarine Blue.

A beautiful, winey shade for darker skin
tones or a more dramatic look for lighter tones.
*Code # : 162063

A light rose for the softest touch
of color.
*Code # : 162069

This shade is the palest of pinks for the lightest
skin tones...innocent and sweet, for a girlish flush.
*Code # : 162061

This warm neutral has been specifically
created for red-heads and blondes, although it works
well on most complexions.
*Code # : 162068

A medium reddish-plum matte color for medium skin tones. Just a touch gives a sculpted,
sexy look to the cheeks.
*Code # : 162062

A very versatile blush that suits almost any
light-medium complexion. A neutral blush, it adds just
a touch of color to the cheeks.
*Code # : 162067

This cool mauve imparts a soft,
natural glow to medium complexions.
*Code # : 162070

A classic light-medium color that suits
many complexions. This is a delicate, balanced blush that
will complement most women.
*Code # : 162065

Cheerful ™
A pale rosy-pink shade for lighter skin tones.
Wear for a healthy, natural-looking flush.
*Code # : 162064

Lust ™
A sienna-based blush, perfect for dark complexions.
*Code # : 162073

Blissful ™
This blush has warm pink tones combined
with sienna, to give a beautiful, deep flush to medium complexions.
*Code # : 162066

Feisty ™
This true pink has a pearlescent luster.
*Code # : 162071

Spirited ™
Similar to Feisty™ but with a tan undertone.
*Code # : 162072

Desire ™
A burnt red with warm undertones for
those who desire a classic red blush.
*Code # : 162074

Enchanted ™
A mocha which works well on those
who prefer a slightly pinker version of bronzer.
*Code # : 162075

Perky ™
A Sheer Pink for Those
Desiring a Touch of Color.
*Code # : 162060


Lovely Glow ™
This true pink has a pearlescent luster.
*Code # : 161050

Island Glow ™
This true pink has a pearlescent luster.
*Code # : 162051

Sunkissed ™
This true pink has a pearlescent luster.
*Code # : 162053

Brazilian ™
This true pink has a pearlescent luster.
*Code # : 162052






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