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Friday, February 20, 2015

10 Hot Tips For Foundation

It’s possibly the most important element of our beauty routine and also the one many of us are getting wrong. From makeup that’s too cakey, to coverage that’s non existent, and foundation that’s disappeared by lunchtime, there are just so many ways to fail at getting flawless. Well no more ladies, it’s time to ace that base and put your best face forward. I’ve done my homework and sussed out the best and easiest ways to achieve a base a make up artist would be proud of.


If you’re after a dewy finish add a small drop of oil to your moisturiser.
Oily skins tends to need more prep than other skin types. Consider using a pore minimiser and a mattifier to even out skin problems.
If luminosity is your goal mix in a little illuminator with your foundation.
Can’t find the right shade or texture? Ask a professional. Many make up counters offer free foundation matching. If you’re going DIY then always shade test on your jawline and in natural light.


Primer is the holy grail of base application. Not only does it help your makeup last longer and go on easier, it also evens out many imperfections and blemishes before you’ve even applied foundation and concealer. If flawless is what you’re after then never skip it.
Only apply foundation to the areas that need it. If you’ve got a little redness around the nose or discolouration on your cheeks then apply foundation specifically on these areas, but leave the rest of the skin untouched to let your natural radiance shine through.
To apply foundation the way a makeup artist would, start from the center areas and work out.
Which is best: brush or fingers? Thinner foundations are best applied with your fingers. Thicker foundations require a sponge or a brush.
Always ALWAYS apply foundation first, then your concealer. Foundation will cover the majority of imperfections, meaning you only have to use a little bit of concealer on any remaining skin flaws.
Apply powder sparingly or not at all. If you have oily skin only use a light dusting on the t-zone to avoid looking cakey.

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