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Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Tuesday Flair Tips-With Lipstick & Eyeshadow

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Tuesday Flair Tip-With Lipstick & Eyeshadow

How to Apply Eyeshadow With an Eyeliner and Mascara

Eyeshadow is an integral part of any eye makeup and no matter which effect you want to create—dramatic, natural or classic—the look remains incomplete without eyeshade. Teamed with an eyeliner and mascara, a rightly applied eyeshadow can make you eyes pop up, making your personality stand out in the crowd.
Below given are steps to a perfect eyeshadow look; check out the steps and use them next time you apply the makeup.

Step I

To begin with, prime your lids with a light concealer to cover-up any skin flaws in the eye area such a dark ring, redness, or discoloration. This technique is widely used by the pros too because it facilitates the even application of eyeshadow and also makes it lasting.

Step II

Next up, drag your eyeshadow palette and pat your eyeshadow applicator in the lighter shade of eyeshadow. Run the brush smoothly onto the eyelid and upto the brow-bone. The brush you use should be soft enough to apply the color evenly and easily.

Step III

Using an angled eyeshadow brush spread the medium shade over the crease. An angled applicator is ideal for applying color to the crease and corners since it is moldable and can be molded to the shape of the eye. Blend the two colors thoroughly with a soft shadow brush afterwards.

Step IV

Draw contour of your eyes with a dark-shaded eyeshadow. Using a flat definer brush, apply the color from the inner corner of the eye all the way upto the outer corner, smudging the color lightly with your fingertip or Q-tip afterwards. Make sure to keep the line close to the lash line.
Use the same eyeshade to contour the lower lash line as well. Smudge finally.

Step V

Complete the look by adding a tad of highlighting shade to the inner corner of your eyes thus brightening them up instantly. You may want to use a thin eyeshadow brush applicator for this purpose.

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