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Friday, March 20, 2015

Building A Winning Team

Building a winning team is finding someone with like minds with purpose, aim, determination and a desire to be successful. Because everyone that talks about doing something and being successful are not willing to do what it takes and it can sometimes take the wind out of your sail causing you to drag. You need people that are not afraid of success-this means they can see the bigger picture and are not short sighted.
To let you ladies in on a little something, I asked Shay a while back to join my team and she was honest with me and told me that she was not ready. But when Shay was ready and had some prospects lined up she contacted me and said that she was ready to join the team and bring her 9 year old daughter along. So, don't get down over a NO because there are many more where that came from. And if it is NO today does not mean it will be tomorrow.

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