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Sunday, March 22, 2015

Why Mineral Makeup

Why Mineral Makeup?

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Q: Why Mineral Makeup?

A: Mineral makeup is creating a beauty revolution. The lightweight feel of the makeup is one of the things people love about mineral makeup. You will not even feel.

Q: Why Mineral Makeup?
A: Leading Cosmetic Surgeons recommend mineral makeup to their post-op patients because mineral makeup is gentle and hypoallergenic, gives natural sun protection.

Q: Why Mineral Makeup?
A: Mineral makeup is made from 100% micronized minerals. Mica, for example, is a transparent mineral, which is mined from the earth in thin sheets.

Q: Why Mineral Makeup
A: Mineral makeup has gained popularity because unlike more traditional products they generally do not contain any type of preservative. They are also fragrance-free.

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