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Friday, March 13, 2015

Dirty Glass Clean Glass When It Comes To Makeup

Clean Glass vs. Dirty Glass

If given a choice which glass would you choose? We are given choices, when it comes to purchasing products by the listing of prices and/or ingredients. Unfortunately we have been taught to make choices based on prices and not quality. I believe that when it comes to making a choice on items that we eat or apply to our bodies ingredients overrules prices. This is very true when it comes to cosmetic products. When I compare ingredients the cleanest ones gets my vote, especially when it comes to cosmetics. Over a period of time cheap makeup will damage your skin and cause you to age, just because it cost a 1dollar does not mean that you should purchase it. We should become ingredient shoppers because ingredient shoppers are healthier. 

I have compared a lot of ingredients in makeup and I have found that Youngevity have the best and cleanest ingredients when it comes to makeup, body and hair. It took me a while to find a makeup that I wanted to put on my skin so for years I did not wear any except for the eyeliner and mascara. I was introduced to Youngevity by a really good girlfriend of mine. I bought into the products to help my friend, but also because of the quality of ingredients in their products. You are valuable and you should treat yourself as such. I love makeup, I love looking at makeup, I love the choices of makeup, and most of all I love to wear makeup. So, the next time you go to make a purchase of makeup don't price compare, but rather ingredients compare and make the cleanest choice. You do not want your skin drinking from a dirty glass.

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